Are your email address and password correct?

<If you forget your password>
 Reset password

<If you forget your email address>
Please contact your administrator.

If the message 'Your account is frozen or your email address or password is incorrect' is displayed

If you keep the wrong password for a short time, your account will be locked. You will be able to log in again by manually unfreezing with the unfreeze email that is automatically sent when freezing, or by one hour after freezing.

<To manually unfreeze your account>
I am sending an 'account unfreeze' email when my account is frozen. Click the link in the text to unfreeze.

・If you have not received the email
1. Have you confirmed the email address you registered for your account?
2. Is it in the junk mail folder?
* It may take some time depending on the communication status of the provider.

・If it still does not arrive
 Send the account unfreeze email again

・If you do not receive the unfreeze email
The registered email address may be incorrect.
If you need support, please contact us from the following.
 Make an inquiry

Hearing tool that can work with Salesforce

Deliver surveys to customers from Salesforce.
Answer data can be directly linked and centrally managed together with other activity information.

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